Bouncy Castle Cryptography Library 1.60

Class CMSCompressedDataParser


public class CMSCompressedDataParser
extends CMSContentInfoParser

Class for reading a CMS Compressed Data stream. CMSCompressedDataParser cp = new CMSCompressedDataParser(inputStream); process(cp.getContent(new ZlibExpanderProvider()).getContentStream()); Note: this class does not introduce buffering - if you are processing large files you should create the parser with: CMSCompressedDataParser ep = new CMSCompressedDataParser(new BufferedInputStream(inputStream, bufSize)); where bufSize is a suitably large buffer size.

Fields inherited from class org.bouncycastle.cms.CMSContentInfoParser
_contentInfo, _data
Constructor Summary
CMSCompressedDataParser(byte[] compressedData)
CMSCompressedDataParser( compressedData)
Method Summary
 CMSTypedStream getContent(InputExpanderProvider expanderProvider)
          Return a typed stream which will allow the reading of the compressed content in expanded form.
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Constructor Detail


public CMSCompressedDataParser(byte[] compressedData)
                        throws CMSException


public CMSCompressedDataParser( compressedData)
                        throws CMSException
Method Detail


public CMSTypedStream getContent(InputExpanderProvider expanderProvider)
                          throws CMSException
Return a typed stream which will allow the reading of the compressed content in expanded form.
expanderProvider - a provider of expander algorithm implementations.
a type stream which will yield the un-compressed content.
CMSException - if there is an exception parsing the CompressedData object.

Bouncy Castle Cryptography Library 1.60