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Roadmap for Bouncy Castle C# .NET FIPS

Here you can find details about our current plans and versions in progress for the FIPS-certified editions of Bouncy Castle C# .NET. 

Bouncy Castle future

Current Overview

The BC FIPS C# .NET User Guide contains details about the API and use of the BC FIPS C# .NET module.

The API is different from the regular C# API as it makes use of generics and needs to meet the FIPS boundary requirements. This has lead to an API that is similar in feel to the FIPS Java low-level API, but somewhat smaller as the use of C# generics has reduced the code size.

Planned releases

To learn more about the scheduled additions for Bouncy Castle C# .NET FIPS, click the version number(s) below. 


For previous releases, see the Bouncy Castle C# .NET FIPS release notes