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Engage with the Bouncy Castle Community

Connect with other users on our Java and C# forums or social media and spread the word to grow the community. Help us improve by contributing new features or documentation improvements or reporting issues or vulnerabilities.

Bouncy Castle Agent

Report vulnerability

If you discover a security issue, please report it by sending an email to the address below. We can provide a PGP key if required.



Wiki on GitHub

Please check out our Wiki page for answers to both common and uncommon questions related to our APIs.


Check out our tutorial videos on YouTube. Bouncy Castle videos are published together with EJBCA and SignServer videos on the Keyfactor Community channel.

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Stay up-to-date with the latest news and engage with us by following our social media accounts!


Looking for the Bouncy Castle documentation?

David Hook

That Bouncy Castle is Open Source isn't just important to us, it's important to our user community. Transparency is everything and Open Source takes the "me" out of "trust me". That really matters.

David Hook

Co-founder and developer of Bouncy Castle